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11 Reasons for Lash Extension Retention Issues

We all know by now that lash extensions are here to stay in the beauty industry. They are a semi-permanent way to make your lashes look longer, darker and more voluminous! They do require some regular maintenance and if you aren’t properly caring for them, they can’t last as long as we all want them to. Below are some reasons why your extensions may be falling out sooner than what we deem to be normal.

Eyelash Extension Retention Issues

1. Natural Lash Shedding

Naturally, we all shed lashes daily. Many a day, up to four in one day! Your natural lash sheds and is replaced with a new lash. This is (thankfully) why we don’t walk around bald! This is totally normal and natural. Don’t fret! Let’s break it down and do the math. We add in all lash extensions applied minus approximate daily natural loss. That equals what we lash artists see as normal loss at your three-week fill.

2. Wearing Mascara

One of the most talked about benefits of extensions is not having to wear mascara. Mascara can break down the bonds in the adhesive used for lash extension application. Should you choose to still wear mascara, please make sure to apply it only to the middle of the lash and up to the tip. Make sure it’s a water-based mascara. Water should be in first three ingredients. Waterproof mascara is a firm NO. It is too hard to remove and often results in extension removal. Be careful and read labels of mascara so you choose wisely and don’t have a mess.

3. Oily Skin or Overly Active Oil Glands

Having overly oily skin can cause problems for lash extensions. Oils in the skin can break down the lash adhesive. I recommend both morning and evening lash cleansing with foaming lash wash. Blotting papers for the eyelid during the daytime can help prevent the buildup of oil on the lash line. Some artists will retail a lash extension sealant coat for aftercare and daily use. Talk to your lash artist if you know this is your skin type and together you can plan your routine. With proper aftercare and regular lash washing, we can keep you wearing extensions.

4. Lash Room Complications

We all hope our lash artist, who is applying our lashes, is experienced and knows that she is doing. Most are trusted and truly passionate; however, there is still the possibility for error. The artist must control the lash room environment or the adhesive can act out and not bond properly. Sometimes there can be an issue of not enough adhesive being used. Also, the artist could have missed prepping the lash before applying the extensions.

5. Picking or Rubbing the Eye

We all have to rub our eyes. We find new ways to do so carefully when wearing eyelash extensions. Be sure not to excessively rub or pick at the extensions. It will loosen the adhesive and cause the extension to fall out. Even worse, excessive picking can lead to the loss of your natural lashes. If your natural lashes are falling out, we may not have a healthy lash to apply the extension to – so do not pick!

6. Sleeping Style

Eight years ago, when I wore extensions for the first time, I started training myself to be a back sleeper. We all have different sleeping positions for lash extensions and some are not so ideal. Lash wearers that sleep on their stomach may have issues with poor eyelash extension retention. Although most adhesive is flexible, regular smooshing of your face into a pillow every night can cause extensions to bend, loosen and fall out prematurely.

7. Not Caring for the Lash Properly

I know you want to baby your lash extensions; however, if you don’t remove dirt, oil or debris, you might end up losing them. Not cleaning your extensions can invite infection or inflammation in the hair follicle. Brushing your extensions is also important. You should brush your lashes with a spoolie in the morning and after showers. Make sure to use gentle strokes when brushing. Also, clean your spoolie when you’re done and grab a new one during your fill session.

8. Using the Wrong Skin Care Products

Using oily skin care products is a big NO! Like oily skin, oily products can break down the adhesive of your extension. Check your labels and look for alternatives should you have a routine in place. We don’t want you to be a lizard either!

9. Vitamins/Medications/Hormones

Thyroid medications, for example, can change the environment of the lash area, making natural lashes oilier, dryer or more brittle. Please be aware that if you are taking these medications, your lashes may respond differently to the extensions. If you take vitamins that encourage or stimulate hair growth, be aware that your lashes shed cycle may speed up. Pregnancy and menopause can change the lash environment as well.

10. Getting Them Wet too Soon

It is recommended that you do not get your new lash extensions wet for at least 24-hours after the initial set because the adhesive is curing. After they have fully dried/cured, you are free to swim and workout as usual. Be aware of your workout schedule and where it falls within your lash schedule. Sweating right after a lash appointment is not recommend. Please wait until the next day.

11. Seasonal Sheds

Not too much to say here, other than it’s out of our control and is a real bummer! Up the frequency of your lash fills should you experience unwanted retention issues. Extra hot and humid or dry and extreme cold can cause an issue. Thank goodness you love your lash artist! Some of you may see her just a little bit more!

Don’t Fear Retentions Issues!

While eyelash extension retention issue exist, they shouldn’t scare you off from getting them. If you properly care for your eyelash extensions you can enjoy beautiful, voluminous lashes all year long. Be sure not to get them wet too early. Be aware of medications and conditions like pregnancy that could affect shed cycles. If you notice unusual shedding, consider your sleeping style, skin condition and makeup routine.

Consult your friendly lash artist for proper care instructions. Contact Penny Lash to schedule your full set of classic, volume or hybrid eyelash extensions today!


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