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How to Know If You’re in Quality Eyelash Extensions

At Penny Lash, sometimes we see clients come in with lashes that are clumping, heavy and weighed down, have too much adhesive attached to the natural lash or have damaged lashes. Quality lashes and the application process make all the difference for clients wearing eyelash extensions temporarily or for an extended period of time. As a regular eyelash extension wearer, it’s important to know if you’re in quality lashes. Below you’ll read about different things to look for in determining the quality of your lash extensions.

Are You in Quality Eyelash Extensions?

Identifying quality eyelash extensions can often be difficult to detect. In our experience, we see bad work resulting in good retention, which can be deceiving. Good retention should not be confused with quality work, as there are many variables that contribute to the quality of your eyelash extensions.

Too Much Adhesive

Not only will too much adhesive weight heavier on your lashes, it can cause breakage to the natural lash and disrupt the natural lash shed cycle. When you come in with eyelash extensions from another provider, removing them should typically take your lash artist approximately 10 minutes. It’s been our experience when removing lashes from another provider, worst case, we’ve seen it take up to 45 minutes. Too much lash extension adhesive can result in damaged lashes, visible adhesive on the lashes themselves to the naked eye and extended removal times.

Sometimes you may have good retention with a heavy-handed adhesive application. More often, it results in breakage. Lash extension adhesive (cyanoacrylate) is designed to last with minimal (1-2mm) amounts needed for the quality retention that lash extensions are known for. Adhesive can last on average 5+ weeks. When too much adhesive is used lash extensions become less flexible, dehydrate your natural lash, can easily break off.

For example, have you ever gotten in the shower a few days after getting your eyelashes done and then felt stinging in your eyes? When a lash artist has been heavy-handed with adhesive, it can result in stinging, due to the adhesive not being able to cure properly. This should never occur if the proper amount of adhesive has been used. Do they feel flexible or stiff? Too much adhesive can oftentimes create weight where you are visually aware due to its stiff texture. Remember, you shouldn’t be able to see or feel the adhesive.

Examples of Bad Lash Extensions – Clumping and Poor Isolation

The Lashes

The products used on your natural lashes contributes to the quality of your eyelash extensions. Your lash extension artist should use quality lashes that feel soft to the touch, not rigid. You and your stylist should be able to easily brush through the lashes without running into tugging/pulling due to clumping issues. Clumping occurs when multiple extensions are attached to one another, due to poor isolation of the natural lash, too much adhesive and tangling (one or all of the above). When clumping occurs, the natural lash can take neighboring lashes prematurely. In long-term wear, this can cause the lash follicle to no longer grow in properly.

How Long the Service Takes

While every stylist has a different skill level, as well as other factors playing into how long an eyelash extension service takes, quality typically takes the same amount of time. For classic eyelash extensions, a new full set should take approximately two hours to complete. For volume eyelash extensions, a new full set should take approximately two and a half to three hours. You can’t rush quality and if done properly, the initial service should take two or three hours depending on the experience of the stylist.

In general, when trained properly, new lash artists will take longer. They are doing so in order to guarantee quality work. Beware if lash service is short, be it a new full set or a fill. More experienced lash artists take less time, but still within the general timeframe outlined above.

Master vs Apprentice Lash Artists

Keep in mind that a Master Lash Artist will take less time to complete quality, properly applied lash extensions. Apprentice lash artists typically take longer and charge less. Keep in mind when choosing an apprentice that this person is learning and may take longer during the application process. When someone is a new apprentice at Penny Lash, practice sessions are done on volunteer models for free. Once an apprentice is practiced and tests out, she will take paying customers at an apprentice rate. Be sure, with a new stylist, to know if they are practiced and have fine-tuned their skills enough.


Be familiar with standard pricing in your area/state and around the states. Although we all love a good deal, be aware of the “why” you are paying a lesser price.

  • New stylist running a promotion? Great! If they aren’t still practicing and are launching their new business and can show quality photos of work! Go for it! All lash artists should be practiced before taking paid customers.
  • Always cheaper? Are their products cheaper quality? Are they choosing to cut corners to turn and burn to make the same profit if they had taken the time? This is a negative. Always question this.
  • Holiday, Anniversary, Client Appreciation? Great! It’s always wonderful to say a huge thank you in celebration with a discount!! Again, as long as photos of work are provided.
  • Inexpensive because they don’t try to part of a high standard. These stylists only think of the money and not of the integrity of the art.

Again, always ask to see pictures of a stylist’s work and always zoom in! Request a consultation where you can ask questions and talk about the desired look, style, size and length. Always!

What to Look For in Quality Lash Extensions

Do you like your lash extensions? Sometimes, new clients come to Penny Lash and say, “My friend’s eyelash extensions looked better or last longer than mine.” While many factors come into play, as we’ve discussed above, an experienced eyelash artist can make a big difference in the quality of eyelash extensions. Not only are we talking about the standard of quality of the application, we’re also talking about the design of the eye.

Examples of Good Quality Lash Extensions

Whether you be with an experienced lash artist or a properly trained beginner, not only should they do good work, but also they need to look at your eye and design your lash style based on your personal preference and anatomy of the eye. A good lash artist works with you to select the right size and weight of extensions based on your eye shape, desired style and condition of your natural lash.

Fabulous Lashes For Years to Come

While good retention in bad lashes may convince you to continue, don’t let this one factor damage your natural lashes in the long run. Continuing to wear bad eyelash extensions can cause breakage to your natural lash, as well as permanent damage if worn for too long. Remember, you can safely wear quality eyelash extensions for as long as you wish as long as the integrity of the natural lash is taken care of. Factors contributing to quality lash extensions include:

  • Proper size and weight of lashes
  • Isolation of the lashes during the application process
  • Proper amount of adhesive used
  • Following proper aftercare instructions

Many variables contribute to quality eyelash extensions. From the length of service to the amount of adhesive used, it’s important to evaluate your lash extensions to ensure you’re getting the best results. Quality eyelash extensions can be worn with regular fills for as long as you wish. Do research, look at photos of an artist’s work and ensure you’re in the best possible eyelash extensions in order to avoid damage to the natural lash.

Are you in quality eyelash extensions? If you feel you may not be in quality extensions, please contact Penny Lash or a reputable lash person in your area, for more information about becoming a new client. Transitioning to quality eyelash extensions can take a little time and it’s possible that it can be best to start over; however, we’re happy to assess during a consultation and move forward with you as a Penny Lash client. New client fills vary in price depending on the quality of the lash extension you’re currently wearing. Please don’t hesitate to book a fill or new set. We’re more than happy to show you the Penny Lash standard.

At Penny Lash, I have the utmost confidence in the stylists and apprentices I have trained. You’ll be in good hands whether your lashes are applied by myself of any of the other stylists at Penny Lash.

Final Thoughts

Remember to #zoomin — Take a picture of your own eye closed and open and zoom in. See if you can see clumping, heavy-handed adhesive, improper placement or dead skin cells, dirt or debris due to improper hygiene.

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Make sure your lashes are worth every penny.


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