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Lashbed Confessionals #1 | Just Be and Let it Be

This first post in our series of Lashbed Confessionals comes from me! Open, honest and transparent. Part of the mission of Penny Lash is to uplift and support women. Lashbed Confessionals are real stories, from real women. Eyelash extensions can make a big difference in your confidence and daily routine. Sometimes taking an hour to lay down with your eyes closed is just the pause you need to revive your soul.

Keep checking back for more Lashbed Confessionals. We’re all part of the same tribe and we’re all in this together. It’s important to be open and honest in order to connect with other women in the community.

Lashbed Confessionals #1 – Rebecca Penny

Today I cried right before I had my lashes done. Literally, while laying down on the lash bed. It felt like the first time I had stopped moving since I opened up shop.

I have been trying to be a great mom to my teenage daughter. Be an awesome wife to my guy. All the while doing everything business wise for the first time ever! New shop owner, interior designer, website, snow shoveler daily, shopkeeper, service provider, boss lady, banker, educator, bookkeeper, product developer, retailer… that’s all that I can think of right now but so much to do!

Boy did I let it out! ? Then I blew my nose again (stupid cold) and relaxed into what felt like the best lash experience I have ever had! I realized while I’m trying to be everything to everyone and to the business, I need to just BE and let it be. Never hold it in, it feels so good to let it out!

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